about design offset

“The printed word is a painted ideology” The world of printing dawned in the district of Kannur, the historic heritage city of Thalassery. In the city of Thalassery came in the traditionally enterprising business man, to start the business o­f printing. The enterprising people entered into this field with ancentral flair for the job of printing. The love for the printed word, the business accumen, came to these people as an age old legacy.

When printing took off in the then small town of Thalassery. These enterprising people entered the field as a name in printing technology. At that time, offset was perhaps a lesser known concept. But the other options of printing were open and waited to be exploited. A family with vast experience in this field started this industry with then available sophistication.

The initiation was auspicious and the industry has grown steadly from that period into one of the most sophisticated printing firm in the district. This small firm, started in Thalassery has now other units operating in Mahe a neighboring town of Thalassery.

The ‘Design Offset’ is a multifaceted printing concern. It serves in defferent capacities, the interest of common people at a very nominal expense. The depth in experience has helped this enterprise to grow into a popular working unit offering different types of facilities in printing.

The Design Offset was launched officially ln 1998 from Thalassery when printing, as an industry in this town, was in its infancy. The firm has all sophisticated machinery. It has 20 computerised offset printing units. It continues to add to its tally all the latest modernities in the form of machineries available in the world of printing. The main offset press is located in the Thalassery Office. The Mahe office handles the other jobs related to printing and binding. in the field of printing, the modern times has offered many new concepts of printing to the common people. All these modern items known to printing get executed by this firm. The Design Offset offers it services from the simple process of producing school and college note book to the more fashionable trends, like printing, pamphlets and news papers.

Design offset services

As a measure of modernising and achieving much more public satisfaction, the design offset has started operating on e-mail. E-orders are procured from people from near and far and on the basis of the requirements enlisted by the customers, the required assignments are executed and despatched to cent percent satisfication of the ‘loving customers’.

The design offset also prepares to enter the educational arena. It has proposal to offer printed study material as per the requirements of the students or the customers. Already, it is active in the field of education by executing academic project works for students belonging to the schools and colleges.

The design offset offers training fecilities to students in printing technology. The school and college students and other professionals make use of these facilities. With the intention of expanding its field activities across the border and to reach customers overseas. The design offset offers these particulars for interested persons to contact the firm and get its services to the utmost satisfication.